Introducing Beer and Art, our no 00 Belgium Monk

Introducing Beer and Art, our no 00 Belgium Monk

We thought it would really special to talk to artists/friends/customers of ours, Soraia Fonseca and Pierre Costa and ask them to produce some art about each of our beers. To our delight, they excepted and started with my personal favourite... the no 00. 

This beer is a Belgium style Trappist and reflects our seven years living in the south west of France. We lived next to a typically beautiful French cafe/bar that served some colossal beers from all around the world. One in particular was favoured above the rest, it became known as 'medicine for a bad day' and it was a Belgium. We based our no 00 very loosely on this and how it makes you feel. 

Tasting : no 00 has a overall sweet taste but with a certain 'thickness' that lets you know it is a serious beer. The flavours are marzipan, banana, caramel and sweet honey with hints of coriander. This stunning pallet remains present for a good while after and reminds you of its glory. 

The effect: Probably one of the most outrageous beers with its high ABV of 9.6% our 00 is a game changer, to be drunk in small quantities and with care. After drinking you will feel a quiet and calm stillness descend on your thoughts, events and people that may have been troubling you seem to float away. The day seems...better. You feel ... untouchable.

Soria and Pierre captured this feeling perfectly with their graphical representation. 

The untouchable man or woman.