about andsome beer

Annie and James are lifetime beer drinkers, chefs and now brewers. The transition was easy to make as the couple have been making beer for years and thought now was the time was right to match beer to cuisine and call it andsome beer. 

"The idea behind andsome beer is to create a range of beers with one foot in the past and one in the future and all without compromising on price, time and attention." said James. 

andsome beer uses only the best ingredients and in the very small scale brewery they lavish time, and attention in abundance on their brews. 

" Our beers are a nod to the traditional amazing beers found all over the world, the forgotten ones and popular alike." said Annie " We like to add a bit of spice but not so much that you can't tell where a beer came from."

andsome beer is brewed in the beautiful coastal town of Lourinha which is nestled in the country with access to wide open spaces, farmland and has a huge agricultural hertiage.

In the heart of Lourinha's town centre, you will find andsome beer's brewery and tap room. Situated on one of the towns oldest cobbled streets it boasts a stunning atmosphere in which to taste and buy these amazing and varied beers. 

In addition to their eight signature beers James and Annie have a limited stock of one experimental beer every month. These are available on draught only and , as they are experiments, are in very limited quantities.