Introducing andsome no 13 Vimeiro Victory 1808 ESB

Introducing andsome no 13 Vimeiro Victory 1808 ESB

At the very heart of andsome beer is the need to experiment and make new roads into what is possible but at the same time honouring the greats of the beer world. Being a small batch brewer we have the versatility to be able to make very small batches of both new, classic and entirely experimental beers. 

The Vimiero Victory 1808 Extra Special Bitter or andsome no 13

Our ESB started life late last year as a reaction to some English beer fans. They wanted something that was very bitter, very malty with a good body and mouth feel, a chestnut brown colour and an ADV of early sixes. We made a few versions over the course of the winter of 2021 and spring 2022 and listening to feedback from the 'testers' or your guys we settled on what we now lovingly call our no 13. 

andsome no 13 ESB Vimiero Victory 1808

Whats the link with Vimiero Victory 1808?

Vimiero is a small town about 5km away from our brewery / tap room and enjoys the special privilege of being the location of a very decisive battle in the Peninsular war. The battle itself represents the English joining forces with the Portuguese to defeat the French and every year the town has a re-enactment of the battle which lasts a whole weekend and is great fun to attend. 

We wanted to dedicate a beer to this weekend and thought what better beer than the luxurious and velvety smooth Extra Special Bitter. For us this is the best English Beer we can make, with no expense spared and much time lavished. We like to think that if the Portuguese and English forces had celebrated their victory with beer they might have enjoyed our ESB.

Our ESB will only be available occasionally at our tap room in Lourinha or in a large bottle of 750ml from August this year.